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I have decided to move my blog to a new blog. ThatLaurieGirl

first off I want to explain why I changed my blog.

First of all, I didn't want to be just TheMakeupSquid. I know it was unique and all, but I really felt cornered and nobody puts baby in a corner. Right? (dirty dancing reference for all you youngins)

Truth is, I want to blog about other things than just makeup and beauty. I found myself overwhelmed with doing a beauty, techy type and relationship blog. I had three blogs going!  I was going nuts, so I decided to combine all three.

This time I am using my real name in the title, even though I will always be Squiddy to some :)

My goal for this blog is to be about a lil of everything, I mean I am not just a makeup junkie.
I'm a mom, wife, woman, and all those other things, so I will blog about, what I want to blog about, when I want to blog about it. No matter what it's about it will fit in ThatLaurieGirl  Because I am not just about one thing, I am about a lot of things :) 

Whew! That felt great! I hope you stick around as I will be posting all kinds of stuff there and importing a lot of posts from my other blogs.  This message will be posted on all my other blogs, so please give a follow and help me spread the word, I will keep the blog up during the migration all links will be removed, but replaced on the new blog. Please help me out during this transition it means a lot to me that I have your support!!

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Down in the dumps

Hello, My Beauties!

Today I wanted to share some personal stuff with you guys. I haven't been very active anywhere recently. I have just been so bummed out lately, I have gotten inspired but when it comes down to it. I cant get a word down or a video going. 

I don't enjoy applying my makeup anymore, I am not saying this is going to last, but I haven't even worn makeup in over a week other than a swatch or two. 

I realy feel I am getting depressed. I am tired all the time, I feel like that little ball in a zoloft commercial.
I know this is all in part of my personal life, so I don't want you to feel its about blogging, but I do know its effecting my blog.

Hopefully it will break soon and things will get better, I can't go anywhere but up from this point,  So Stick around I might post something interesting soon.

Have a great day, stay blessed :)

Images courtesy of Google, they have images for everything.


Week Round up! Things I blogged About.

Hello, My Beauties!

I can't Believe the week is up already! But I am glad its friday :) I have no special plans for the weekend, besides lounging in my pajamas and cuddling with my chunky monkey man, Alan my 3 year old. Today I wanted to share with you this weeks posts and speacial behind the scences stuff of TheMakeupSquid.com

Week Round up! Things I blogged About.

I took these pictures weeks before I wrote these posts, I have learned to just take my camera out and click away at everything and decide which product I want to blog about. I usually sit down on sundays and write a weeks worth of posts, not including weekends, because I have learned that the weekend is very slow with traffic in the blogging world, so I just dont do it. Doing it this way keeps my week cleared up for other things, like youtube, reading other blogs and responding to comments and the like.

I love a nice clean background when photographing products, so I use the sun and some card stock paper, however I am looking for a flat wipeable surface as the products sometimes ruin the paper.

I started taking photos with my husbands old NIKON it is better than my phone in regards to stability and way better than my camcorder which is mostly built for video.

PicMonkey.com has become my favorite place to edit, crop, watermarks my photos. They have a great little brightening tool, that helps a lot when I can't get things just right lighting wise.

I have been on a FONT craze lately, I think I have used all of the fonts on pic monkey in one way or another and I wish they would release more! I feel fonts add more life to the blog post thumbnails and gives it personality.

This Weeks Post

Wet N' Wild Liquid Liner.

Switching my Commenting System.

Lip Liner.


Thats a wrap folks!

Have a great day, stay blessed :)


Too Faced Bronzer Beach Bunny

Hello, My Beauties!

With summer quickly approaching I am getting ready for summer! Summer always means me wearing less foundation and going for a more sun kissed look. When I want to achieve a natural glowing from within look, I always reach for my Beach Bunny from Too Faced. I do not contour with this as it can be a bit to shimery for my taste as a contour shade, but as a all over color look, I love it especially for my skin tone.

When I was younger I use to tan a lot, everyday a few hours in the sun with no SPF! I would always get this beautiful golden color that I did love, but as I got older and wiser, I knew I had to stop and so I did. I am not going to lie I miss it for sure, but I found a way to get something similar with this bronzer.

Too Faced Bronzer Beach Bunny 

As you can see It has four different colors all shimmer, that can be used individually or swirled together for a soft glow. I love using a big fluffy brush for this, like a large powder brush, something thats going to cover a large portion of my face. With a light hand this will give you a beautiful lit from within summer glow.

I love the velvety texture and the buildability of this product, which can go from a day at the beach to a tiki bar in the evening. Alone with a little concealer and some mascara and you are ready for any summertime madness.

Have a great day, stay blessed:)

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